Looking at today’s environment and strategies people are following for growing business: Digitalization has played considerable role to help to achieve it. And when it comes to Digitalization in businesses, first thing comes to your mind is: Enterprise Software’s Mr.Sandesh Thole, Mrs Ruchita Thole & Mrs Pooja Kothari, these three young entrepreneurs established FourTH-D SYSTEMS LLP, a technologically advanced company that puts forth the most efficient & reliable business solutions in software Development arena.

1.   What inspired you to start your business? OR How did you become an entrepreneur? Can you tell us more about yourself?

Ans: I am Sandesh Thole and completed BE and MBA from BIMM. Having worked with Jindal and Thappers for 5 years. Since my childhood I have seen my father trading agriculture equipment and its spares. I was inclined towards entrepreneurship since my school days. Keeping this aim in mind I have competed management education receiving GOLD MEDAL. Entrepreneurship creates employment, and creating employment is my passion. So in 2016 I took the decision of quitting job and started journey of creating jobs from doing jobs.

2.  What core issue does your startup solves and how?

Ans: We operate in rural area. We are giving handsome opportunities to young and fresh talents to start their careers with us. We accelerate the growth of businessman by giving simplest solution.

3.  Why did you choose Pune as your launch pad?

Ans: Pune is education and IT hub of India. It attracts potential clients and talents both in the city.

4.  What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

Ans: Biggest challenge we faced so far is “Manpower”. Getting skillful manpower is a big deal here. Candidates are capable but there is huge gap between required technological knowledge and technologies they are learning in curriculum. To resolve this issue we started “Full Stack Web Developer Program” to train candidates to create pool of efficient manpower.

5.  What was the initial response to your brand and how did customer feedback help make changes for better?

Ans: We launched our enterprise software along with GST launch date. Since GST asked for monthly returns and documentation, people responded to our brand very nicely. We have collected timely feedback from market and improved our self towards perfection.

6.  Who are your mentors or role models that have influenced you? Can you describe the impact?

Ans: My founder partner, friends and family members are my best mentors, who correct me and give true feedback for betterment.You cannot experience everything by your own, you have to have someone to guide you and correct your direction.

7.   How do you want to measure success for your startup?

 Ans:  We have 100+ satisfied clients regularly using our enterprise software. We have created employment opportunity for candidates in double digit number.

8.  What motivates you as an entrepreneur?

Ans: Everyday changing scenarios and changing situations keeps me motivated which enables me to stretch myself a bit.

9. What are you most paranoid about?

 Ans:  I am paranoid about getting so famous where your personal life also gets captured in media cameras.

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