Sit tight, Do not feel discouraged, your work shall speak for itself: Mrs. Ankita Jain- CO-Founder & Marketing Head, GoPaisa

  1. What is GoPaisa and WHY this idea came to your mind?, set up in 2012 at New Delhi, is a product and offer aggregator functioning within the e-commerce space. The idea was first explored by Aman Jain who held a good understanding of affiliate marketing space and wanted to further explore the space through entrepreneurship. While he was still in the process of strengthening the foundation of the brand, Ankita joined as the co-founder after marrying Aman. Ankita, understood that the brand’s growth is directly proportional to the precise marketing, and then took up the role as the CMO with the brand.

2. What problem does GoPaisa solve?

The basic idea behind the brand is to make luxury shopping affordable for the majority of the population that yet cannot afford brands. While the brand offers the best price for the products it also simultaneously helps digital retailers widen their footprint. For online retailers, the platform acts as a massive promoting ground for their products and the related deals, discounts and coupon codes.

3. What is the current status of GoPaisa in terms of business and users, where do you see it next 3 to 5 years?

The brand has already reached over 3 million plus users since the inception.

4. As a woman entrepreneur, what challenges have you come across and what are the challenges you foresee?

Back when I joined GoPaisa as the co-founder, I recall it was often that I would be the only woman co-founder in a lot of business gatherings. Though nobody would be upfront about it, when it comes to having faith in the ideas and understanding of technical concepts, I would not get much attention. And what was more sad was that, nobody did this intentionally, it came up naturally. However, now we are in 2021 and over the period I have proved the caliber and potential .

5. Since you are a Marketing professional, What is your marketing strategy, How do you plan to make mind space in a given cluttered market?

The marketing strategy majorly comprises going aggressive on the digital front. We are a brand for online shoppers who are tech savvy and brand enthusiasts too. Currently, we need the potential audience to get familiar with the idea behind GoPaisa and the benefits it brings to them. To achieve the same we will be focussing more on the social media audience so that we can present the concept precisely.

6. Kindly elaborate on your dream of making gopaisa synonymous to shopping, how exactly would you do it.

We have reached a decent number of users so far. However, being a must for online shoppers is something that is more of a habit than a choice. To be able to do that first thing is to introduce the concept to those who are yet not aware of the cashback websites. The second step would be to create preference, because we cannot ignore the concept despite having the USPs. We need to work towards showcasing the uniqueness and establish the differentiators. And then gradually, when people will explore and understand the offering they would know that this is the step one of going online for shopping. The leadership comes eventually, when the model is fine.

7. GoPaisa is self funded and growing, are you looking out for any investments? If yes, where would you use them and why?

Yes, GoPaisa is bootstrapped and we have been going strong all along. Now, we want to expand our tech team to be able to offer a better experience to users and strengthen the technology backbone of the brand. Hence, we will definitely be looking out for investors who can bring more than finances to the table.

8. What is your success Mantra? Any advice for startup women entrepreneurs?

It definitely is a challenge for anyone who does not hold enough about the space they are operating in. But if you have it in you and you are facing any sort of challenges for being a woman entrepreneur, my only advice is to sit tight. Do not feel discouraged, your work shall speak for itself. This has been my mantra too.

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