Looking at today’s environment and strategies people are following for growing business: Digitalization has played considerable role to help to achieve it. And when it comes to Digitalization in businesses, first thing comes to your mind is: Enterprise Software’s Mr.Sandesh Thole, Mrs Ruchita Thole & Mrs Pooja Kothari, these three young entrepreneurs established FourTH-D SYSTEMS LLP, […]

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Offering Integrated Communication solutions across platforms – Vinay Kulkarni & Sachin Karle, Co-Founders & Directors, Kites United IMC

Customer Touchpoints are more important than you think. As digital touchpoints continue to multiply, the need to strategize this rapidly evolving term has become even more challenging. We met up with KitesUnited, a new-age communications partner to understand what made them delve into the field of unfolding brand stories 1.What inspired you to start your […]

Continue Reading – Creating Farm-Mechanisation eco-system for Empowering Farmers AND bringing Tractor & Implement Manufacturers, Dealers, Service Centres, Contractors, Brokers together for mutual benefit

In India where agriculture is the backbone of our country and 70% of the population is dependent on farming; we’re only at 40% level of mechanization for 14% of Agriculture GDP. We spoke to founders to know what it means to encourage farm mechanization in India and their start-up’s contribution towards it. Pravin Shinde, […]

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“iSwitchBox” –Breaking the odds of Home Automation industry in India.

We all must have heard of smartphones, we use it daily but how often do we hear about Smart Homes? In the world where everything is turning smart, “iSwitchBox” presents your home into a ‘Smart Home’. Mr Nivrutti Nagre and Dr Mukesh Bangar, two young entrepreneurs established InorganicMind Automation Private Limited, a technologically advanced company that […]

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Rajesh Nair, Founder & CEO, EarnWealth

Robust Eco-System of People & Team plays key role in Entrepreneurial journey – Rajesh P Nair, Founder & CEO – EarnWealth

Whilst even the most regulated financial sectors (banks and insurance companies) are witnessing a constant metamorphosis of its core business models, to stay abreast of times; we spoke to Rajesh Nair (Founder & CEO, Earnwealth) to know more about why he felt the need to amalgamate financial services and technology-enabled platform to bring about a […]

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