Dance themed Sunday Brunch at The Cafe, Hyatt Regency Pune


Dance is an embodied legacy of storytelling. Many cultures recognize this and keep their stories alive by passing their dances on from generation to generation. To celebrate the joy of dance, Hyatt Regency Pune has organized a Dance inspired Brunch at The Café. This unique themed brunch hosted by hotel’s associate KK will have three to four sets of flash mob sought performances along with an array of scrumptious food.

Dance is full of expressions, social interaction which may be presented in a spiritual or performance setting. Hyatt Regency takes it a notch up to celebrate the day with a dance inspired brunch where the food presentation will be in dance poses. You can have Hot dogs cakes and much more inspired by dance poses!

Head to The Café, Hyatt Regency Pune this Sunday to experience a brunch that’s a treat to the eye as well as your palate!

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