Flipkart extends support to Sadbhavana Project of the Indian Army


Flipkart, India’s homegrown leading e-commerce marketplace, recently offered the use of its state-of-the-art warehouses in Bangalore to the Indian Army for conducting a Confidence Building Tour for college students of Jammu & Kashmir’s (J&K) Reasi District. The Tour was a part of the Sadbhavana Project by the Indian Army, under which it is carrying out various programs to strengthen knowledge building and upliftment of the youth of J&K. It aimed to inform youngsters of the economic growth possibilities in the country. Fifteen students along with Indian Army Officers visited the Flipkart warehouse and learnt about the key supply chain functions and how technology is leveraged to connect and deliver to the farthest of places in India.

Said Rajneesh Kumar, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer of Flipkart, “As a socially responsible organization we are honoured to have been able to extend support to the Indian Army’s initiative to help provide learning opportunities to the students of the J&K region. Our team ensured that all their inquisitive questions were answered, and they took back industry understanding and learning with them. We will ensure that Flipkart continues to be part of such opportunities in the future as well and continue to contribute to the process of nation-building.”

Flipkart has, in the recent past, undertaken initiatives of its own to upskill its workforce and to bring more people from India’s socio-economically weaker communities into the fold of the mainstream economy. These programs have benefited both consumers and sellers, and created employment opportunities for many thousands.

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