India’s first Probiotic skin care brand, PROBRITE launched

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We are all aware of the goodness of probiotics for the digestive system, but did you know that it is extremely beneficial for your skin? The leading natural beauty brand Lotus Herbals, unveils PROBRITEa premium skincare brand which is India’s first probiotic skincare range. It has been developed after extensive research & development aiming to combat skin concerns of the modern day women. This futuristic range of products have been formulated with the science of Probiotics, ensuring that your skin receives the right balance of nutrients & stays protected against bad bacteria. PROBRITE nurtures the skin flora giving it a natural, flawless glow. Now revive dull skin and reveal an even and radiant  natural glow!

Lotus Herbals PROBRITE range of probiotics skin care products includes an Illuminating Radiance Crème, Illuminating Radiance Night Crème, Illuminating Radiance Sleeping Mask, Illuminating Radiance Moisturiser, Illuminating Radiance Serum + Crème, Illuminating Radiance Exfoliator and Illuminating Radiance Cleansing Foam. This revolutionary range of skin care products is enriched with probiotic active complex  which contains a highly potent probiotic ingredient called  Lactococcus Ferment Lysate that helps the skin’s good bacteria to boosts skin brightening. It also contains Rare Japanese Sakura extracts that helps inhibit melanin production & prevent dark spots. It also visibly diminishes discoloration revealing a brighter and even Complexion. The PROBRITE range contains SPF 20 & PA +++  which protects against harmful UVA/UVB rays. It also helps fight Pollution and adverse environmental effects. So cleanse all toxins out of your skin and look forward to brightened, healthy skin.

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