“iSwitchBox” –Breaking the odds of Home Automation industry in India.


We all must have heard of smartphones, we use it daily but how often do we hear about Smart Homes? In the world where everything is turning smart, “iSwitchBox” presents your home into a ‘Smart Home’.

Mr Nivrutti Nagre and Dr Mukesh Bangar, two young entrepreneurs established InorganicMind Automation Private Limited, a technologically advanced company that puts forth the most high-quality innovative products in the home automation arena. Established in 2015, all their products are sold under the brand name ‘iSwitchBox’. In a very short span of 3 and half years the company has become a reliable manufacturer, exporter of Home Automation products. 

We are working on 2 things to change the heavy mindset about the home automation system cost and configuration. According to iSwitchBox team, products are affordable to any middle class family & for installation configuration they don’t require any expert technician.

iSwitchBox is the most affordable smart home solutions in India, converting your entire home on fingertips. A home that people could just dream about has come to reality. All these devices are fully automatic with the best manufacturing quality and guess what; they function entirely on your Wi-Fi connection. The entire sets of the device are linked through a mobile application (iSwitchBox Premium). This mobile application helps you operate power appliances like lights, fans, TV, music systems air conditioner, geysers and many more. You can operate any electrical appliance of your home without actually being present there. 

Remotely controlled from anywhere across the world, these devices are energy saving and eco-friendly. The whole automation is safe and secure without any complications and defects so that you feel safe and can live care freely. Your home turns smart just within a 20 minutes quick installation process.

Funding status and monetization

InorganicMind Automation is being bootstrapped, but now the company is looking to raise funds to accelerate its growth. The company monetizes by selling the product and also by adding value added services.

Future plans

As of now the company has about 2500 clients across India, through their network. The company will be expanding its portfolio, both in terms of products and services. It will also expanding its target segment, from residential middle class to upper middle class.

As an example of portfolio expansion, company’s next step is to add RGB lights, security systems into its solutions. That’s useful if you want an added level of security.

Competition and Market Size

InorganicMind Automation claims that the kind of features and ease of use that it has built in, is not there with other players; however they have a very different approach to market. 

“We have reduced the number of customer touchpoints, and hence, the hassle for the consumer in getting the home automated. As target market, we are targeting the middle class, whereas the established players target the elite.”

Adding further, the team said

Global Home Automation Market was valued at $39,607 million in 2016, and is projected to reach at $81,645 million by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 11.2% from 2017 to 2023.


Company having presence in 15 states of India, including metro cities of the nation & spreading its wings globally in countries like US, South Africa and UAE, reaching in future in Sri Lanka and Nepal. Company further aims to achieve a vision as “SMART HOMES TO SMART INDIA”. With a mere team of 14 members, the company is climbing the ladder to success in an instinct. 

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