Lights of Hope’at Phoenix Market City


Though the start of this year has been a lull period for all and has hampered our mundane life because of the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s high time that we all accept the new normal and look forward to positive times. To make this year’s celebration more special, Phoenix Market city, Pune has put up a décor theme ‘Lights of Hope’. With the installation of unique décor elements, Mandala Arch, Crystal Swan and a Lotus Pond reflect cheerfulness, zeal, is also a visual treat to the eyes.

The mandala arch which has been placed at the entrance is the center  of attraction for this Diwali. Inspired by the ancient Indian artistic styles, the Mandala arch is decked with 1,00,000 lights captures the art form to appear in the form of a circular tableau- resembling fireworks’ in a static manner. Another piece of attraction is the crystal swan which is an eloquent structure adorned with 1 lakh crystals with a Mandala toupee. The installation is a gleaming representation of purity and harmony, apt for today’s times. In addition to that, a beautiful lotus pond has also been placed in the mall, promising to grab eyeballs. The installation is very symbolic as it epitomizes purity, enlightenment and re-birth, also the throne of the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity. The structure is powered by Kinetic energy and is a representation of the karmic flow.

This Diwali stay assured to have the festivities and celebrations full of fun and favourableness.

Venue – Phoenix Marketcity Pune, Viman Nagar, Pune

Time – 11am -9pm

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