One must never pursue a business just because someone has told them about it, one must have that business in your heart: DR.BLOSSOM KOCHHAR


Started as a hobby and grown as full fledged business, Dr.BLOSSOM KOCHHAR, Chairperson of Blossom Kochhar Group of Companies believes in bringing joy & happiness to people’s life

  1. What is the most valuable advice you got as a woman entrepreneur?  

ANS: The most important advice for a woman entrepreneur is that, one must have the passion, one must also have a very positive way of thinking. Apart from this they must have the skill to deal with different people on a daily basis. Additionally, a woman entrepreneur must have thorough knowledge of finance.

2. How challenging was it starting off in a competitive environment?

ANS: It was a fun and a challenging experience as it was a complete new venture, which involved aromatherapy, beauty and education, all under one umbrella. The passion for beauty, cosmetics, education, body and spa gave me the motivation to establish the foundation of aromatherapy in India.

3. How important is it having the right team to be successful?

ANS: Having the right team is the most important aspect for setting up the foundation of a new business. The team must believe in the brand and its uniqueness.

4. Your ‘what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger ’ moment?

ANS: Dr. Blossom Kochhar, says, “The more challenges I have, the more stronger I get as I feel if everything is going well that reflects something’s wrong. Facing challenges always makes a person stronger and better.The most challenging phase of my life has been putting together Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic as a brand.”

5. How do you measure success? What is your success mantra?

ANS: The best mantra is brining joy and happiness to people’s lives, not only in business life but also in personal life. The more I see people happy and smiling the more successful and blessed I feel.

6. Any specific advantages and disadvantages of being a woman entrepreneur / professional? 

ANS: There were a plethora of disadvantages in terms of finding an investor to reaching the right target audience. But I believe, the advantages are much more than the disadvantages. You are making a mark for yourself and also helping other women entrepreneurs while building your business, thus it has been a fulfilling journey.

7. Can you give me an insight into your business?

ANS: My business is a full-fledged home grown business.It started as a hobby; I started working with salons and then got into education. At that point of time, I realized that there is shortage of education in the beauty industry and somebody has to take a step forward. Introducing cosmetics was very challenging as I initially could not find the right blend of oils and ingredients for my products, but I believed in aromatherapy, and myself, which helped me immensely setting up my business.

8. What are the most common mistakes novices make and your advice to avoid them?

ANS: Some people believe that beauty is easy money, which is the biggest fallacy. One must have the passion for it and must be extremely hardworking. One must never pursue a business just because someone has told them about it, one must have that business in your heart. Another important point is that you shouldn’t get into a business just to earn money, you must love what you do and eventually the money will come. You must be completely involved in your business and must be ready for a lot of hard work. 

9. Which female role model inspires you the most and why do you look up to her?

ANS: Dr. Blossom Kochhar says, “More than a woman, Mr. Prasad is my inspiration, who is the founder of Pivot Point International in USA. He helped me in various stages of life. He always told me that one should never forget people who are helping you shape your business.

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