PayPal India launches ‘Ab Diwali 365 days wali’ consumer campaign in partnership with social media influencers


PayPal India, today, launched its second marketing campaign themed – ‘Ab Diwali 365 days wali’.  The campaign is built on the core consumer insight that festivities and shopping doesn’t need to have a season. It aligns with PayPal’s focus on becoming an everyday part of a consumer’s life. The digital led campaign will run across platforms targeting global Indians. 

Diwali traditionally marks the start of all good things and the core idea of this campaign is to have the celebrations continue through the year with PayPal. With the “Ab Diwali 365 days wali” campaign, PayPal wishes to establish how consumers can enjoy the festive benefits through the year.

With 8 contextual videos* across food, fashion, travel, entertainment and health, the campaign banks on influencers across these verticals in slick bumper ads and 30 seconder formats. 

For the first time, PayPal will partner with social media influencers including Chef Ranveer Brar, Gopal Datt, Malhaar Rathod and Aditi Shetty. The creative duties for the campaign are being managed by Tonic Worldwide.

Consumers using PayPal for their Diwali purchases across food, travel, entertainment, health and fashion merchants will be able to avail the benefits of their purchases through the year.

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