Rajesh Nair, Founder & CEO, EarnWealth

Robust Eco-System of People & Team plays key role in Entrepreneurial journey – Rajesh P Nair, Founder & CEO – EarnWealth


Whilst even the most regulated financial sectors (banks and insurance companies) are witnessing a constant metamorphosis of its core business models, to stay abreast of times; we spoke to Rajesh Nair (Founder & CEO, Earnwealth) to know more about why he felt the need to amalgamate financial services and technology-enabled platform to bring about a much needed change in the way customers chose their financial products.

1. What inspired you to start your business? OR How did you become an entrepreneur? Can you tell us more about yourself?

ANS: Starting up a business was never a plan. In fact I wanted to retire at the age of 30. But during my employment stint with DBS Bank, I met a lot of HNIs and realised that there is a gap of the right-product-fit. I wanted to launch a platform wherein one can easily buy any financial products and also where recommendation would be provided. Over a period of time, plenty of people started partnering with us and that is how EarnWealth became India’s 1st Social FinTech. I am a commerce post graduate from Pune University and a MBA graduate from Nevil Wadia, Pune with 15 years of experience into financial products distribution.

2. What core issue does your startup solves and how?

ANS: “Everyone knows that India is one of the fastest growing economies. One of the biggest segments in growth is financial services. If someone wants to be a part of this financial services growth story, they can partner with EarnWealth easily and make 20k + monthly by working for few hours.”

3. Why did you choose Pune as your launch pad?

ANS: Pune has been our home for the last 20 years and the sentiment is very possessive and full of pride for having being able to venture onto a successful entrepreneurial journey in the city itself. Having said that, our business is online and we’re accessible to everyone globally who want to associate with us.

4. What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

ANS: Market scenarios are such that there’s a new challenge to face every day. In fact there seems something amiss if there isn’t a bit of adventure in our daily work routine! Life is boring without challenges.

5. What was the initial response to your brand and how did customer feedback help make changes for better?

ANS: We as a platform have evolved to Social FinTech. We launched ourselves as a B2C platform for financial products in 2014. Everything that we did was basis the feedback from our users and Referral Partners

6. Who are your mentors or role models that have influenced you? Can you describe the impact?

ANS: During my employment stints I was blessed to work with good bosses who are industry stalwarts. I have learned everything from them

7. How do you want to measure success for your startup?

ANS: The day people relate financial services with EarnWealth, I believe it would give a great sense of satisfaction

8. What motivates you as an entrepreneur?

ANS: My dreams 

9. What are you most paranoid about?

ANS: People who carry negative attitudes towards life

10. What has been the most rewarding part of your journey until now?

ANS: I have been blessed to have good people around me

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