Sheesh Mahal of Mirrors comes to Pune


Phoenix Marketcity, Pune’s leading luxury lifestyle and entertainment destination will take you back in history to the Mughal Era this festive season. The 16th century ‘Sheesh Mahal’ / ‘Palace of Mirrors’ which was built during the reign of Emperor Shah Jahan is recreated at Phoenix Marketcity as the festive theme.

The Sheesh Mahal was the Emperor’s Summer Palace built from glass imported from Syria known as the ‘Shishhaye Halebi. Sheesh Mahal, in Urdu, literally means ‘Crystal Palace’. With its pietra dura decorations and intricate mirror-work inlaid into the white marble walls and ceilings creating gleaming effect, the lavish room has come to be known as ‘Palace of Mirrors’

India’s ace production designer Nitin Desai will be recreating this marvel with a grand entrance of arches, elaborate domes, ornate chandeliers, traditional motifs, and intricate installations. To reconstruct the royal atmosphere of the bygone era carriages, golden brush white peacock installations and palanquins will be on display to complete the set-up. Shoppers would get to experience this ‘Royal Affair’ and get a peek into the extravagant lifestyle of the Kings from the historic era.

Recognized as the most sought-after luxury retail establishment in Pune, the décor for this festive season at Phoenix Marketcity truly reflects its innate style. Phoenix Marketcity is not just a shopping paradise but also an inspirational abode for the residents of Pune and around. 

Perfect mall ambient sets the right tone for the occasion, builds moods & emotions, brings customers a blissful feel, and provides a holistic lifestyle experience.

Head to the mall to take a walk down an era gone by and revel in the luxurious lives of Kings & Queens.

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