Transerve Technologies introduces ‘Transerve Online Stack’


According to the Centre for Policy Research, 66% of all civil cases in India are related to land or property disputes. Land is more than just an asset for any nation. Its  vulnerability to man-made actions, as well as natural calamities such as fire, flood, fraud, duplication misplacement and disintegration of paper etc. can cause billions of land records at risk. Hence, digitizing the traditional Land Record Management system, Transerve Technologies, a civic tech company has introduced ‘Transerve Online Stack (TOS),’ an estate management platform.

Through this open API based location intelligence technology platform users can overlay layers of land records ranging from legacy cadastral data, to drone imagery for visualizing updated land use built-up assets and encroached areas, leased and owned plots etc. on a spatial interface suiting the local conditions and land practices. A specialized team of geospatial experts develop the database by spatially contextualizing the decades-old land records maps, deed documents, land mutation details along with high-resolution satellite / aerial imagery details. This database forms the core of this Estate Management Platform which is capable of adding additional documents at any given point of time, keeping it ‘up-to-date’, with data spanning decades of timestamps in an easy-to-use interface.

Speaking about how ‘Transerve Online Stack’ can help in digitizing Land Record Management system, Mr. Amarsh Chaturvedi, Co-Founder, Transerve Technology Pvt Ltd said, “It is imperative that updated information of all the properties is maintained in an integrated manner in order to avoid property related issues. Our technologically advanced API based spatial platform serves as a single point database to access key information of land records, maps and documents. The platform is operationalised using a robust reporting and querying system, which generate reports for spatial and non-spatial analysis and space management to ensure optimal use of land while achieving environmental compliance. With our platform, we aim at providing a helping hand to government authorities and at the same time bring an effective change in this entire process, so that the society can reap benefits on a larger scale.”

Transerve aims at maximising social impact for both urban and rural sector utilising its innovative products and tools. Together with the Government and Municipal Corporation, the company through its data driven technology has been working dedicatedly to solve pressing urban issues like property tax, water, sanitation & solid waste management to bring a social impact.

Adding to this Mr. Ashwani Rawat, Co-Founder, Transerve Technology Pvt Ltd said, “The entire procedure of TOS is divided into two phases; firstly, design of a land information system suiting the local conditions and land practices and secondly, the core implementation phase which involves data creation, spatial publishing and integration with workflows. Our platform is designed in a way that can bring ease in the process of documentation of land records, so that both the Government as well as the general public can be benefited from it.”

The benefits of Land Record Information Management System are plenty. Apart from maintaining a digital record of all land related assets, the platform is also capable of providing a repository of information on all land related matters and documentation to ministries / parliament. Furthermore, sharing land record analysis with stakeholders/ users with the help of its easy-to-use built-in tools ensures transparency in Land Record system.

The open API architecture is poised at helping Governments build applications around the platform to enhance the effectiveness of the system. The platform is available for Governments and non-profits at no base cost in order to maximize the social impact. India has come a long way in modernization of land records which is extremely credible but emphasis is required towards realizing how important land records information system is to the nation building process. Transerve dedicates its technology platform for cadastral management and help Indian economy to grow stronger in coming years by providing fair and transparent cadastral system.

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