Truefitt and Hill Opens its door in JW Marriott, Pune


Having groomed the Monarchs of Great Britain for 214 years through nine consecutive reigns, Truefitt & Hill (T&H) continues the legacy by bringing their sophistication to the cultural capital and very well known as ‘oxford of the east’, city Pune. Brought to India by the Lloyds Luxuries Ltd., which has acquired the Master Franchise License for not just India but also Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Myanmar and Vietnam, the venture looks promising.

On speaking at the launch of their 24th store, Krishna Gupta, Founder and MD of Lloyds Luxuries shares, “As we are evolving rapidly in this grooming and wellness sector the surge in beauty blogs and social media influencers has inculcated the importance of Grooming as a daily necessity, and we at Truefitt & Hill provide men with the most luxurious atmosphere and highly skilled barbers and staff to turn this grooming exercise into a luxurious experience. We are the only brand in this segment and have created a strong brand image which is synonymous with quality, trust and high grooming standards. We currently have 23 open and operating stores across 9+ cities in India and 1 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Truefitt and Hill also brings to India some of the finest men’s grooming products, which are all made in England and spreads over 150 products. We currently sell about 20,000 units through our stores and website annually and see that growing at over 25% YoY. 

“As we are moving ahead along with the time, men do not consider investing in beauty and grooming as a taboo any longer. Men are becoming more aware of self-grooming, body image and hygiene. The aspirations and requirements of today’s young Indian men are rapidly evolving. With a surge in disposable income, men are becoming more discerning and indulgent. In an evolving trend in India, men are beginning to look at innovative grooming services carved specifically for them. What’s better than Truefitt & Hill, who’s committed to serve the modern men with unparalleled level of luxury service in the world! Also, we decided to begin our journey with Truefitt and Hill from Pune as it is one of the fastest growing metropolitan cities where we have seen emerging customers who understand the importance of grooming and wellness in their life. We really look forward to catering best of our services in the most elite way”highlights Siddharth Shah, Franchise owner for the T&H Marriott Pune.

This new venture makes this exotic place a house of luxurious experiences all under-one-roof for the quintessential men with impeccably crafted internationally acclaimed grooming services.

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